This is a specially designed Yin yoga programme to help students gain deep understanding of yin
yoga. By working with Yin Yoga, You will experience a total shift in your own body. Yin Yoga, is
known for its therapeutic approach to restore the balance in the body.
Based on Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory Approach, it will help you find ease of movement and
be relieved of all tensions and tightness of the body, especially around the lower back, hips, neck
and shoulder. It also brings vitality to major organs in the body to help detoxification.
On each Yin Yoga immersion, you will experience different Yin Yoga Meridian sequence, which
will help you to work on different parts of the body to achieve release of deep layer tissues.
Contraction and adhesion of fascia sheets are what causes tightness in the body. By doing Yin
Yoga, you will open up this deep layers to provide hydration back to the body and achieve better
“Chi” flow.

Day 1 – Yin yoga immersion 1 – Focus on meridians
Day 2 – Yin yoga immersion 2 – Focus on the hips
Day 3 – Yin yoga immersion 3 – Focus on the upper body


Price for 1 day – 100 kr. 
Price for all 3 days – 250 kr. 
All bookings are non-refundable.