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We are thrilled to introduce Dylan Ayaloo. He is hosting two yoga trainings with us at YO STUDIOS this April – find them right here! We asked Dylan to tell us more about himself and his passion for yoga. Read along below!


So Dylan, who are you? 

Most people know me as a yoga teacher. I teach internationally and mostly in the UK. I’ve also been training yoga teachers for the last 10 years and facilitating transformational programs globally. I’m also trained as a healer and work with people on the emotional, physical and energetic levels.

What is yoga for you? 

Yoga for me is the union with who we believe ourselves to be and with the infinite

What is according to you yoga’s biggest strength and greatest weakness? 

Yoga in the west popularised for postural practice is limited to the body and movement, which in an of itself isn’t bad but limited if not used to tap into greater depths of us as a being beyond this body and mind.

Why did you become a yoga teacher?

To share what I got from my practice and selfishly be able to experience the joys of playing a part in transforming lives.

Have you had a life-changing experience with yoga that stands out? 

I’ve been fortunate to have had numerous of these and one is healing my injuries from my past professional sporting career.

Why did you start offering yoga courses and educations?

Initially it was to train world class teachers who I could hire in my own studio in South London, then I stumbled upon the power of the inner (personal transformation) work and how it could change peoples lives significantly for the better and that’s addictive.

What can people expect, when booking the Foundations course with you? 

The 3 Day Foundations Program will allow you to dip your toes into the magic of the work we do in our teacher training programs and you’ll be able to sample some of the modules from the full training. Also if you’re not aspiring to be a yoga teacher, it’s a standalone program which will grow your yoga practice significantly, allow you to excavate blocks in your life and tap into a greater depth of your personal power, learn about yoga philosophy and personal transformation, learn tools such as meditation and create routines which will allow you to gear your life to living the life you dream of.

Why is hands-on-assisting, according to you, valuable when teaching? 

Hand-on Assisting (adjusting) adds a dimension to a practitioners yoga practice you’re not able to access on your own. The power of loving, kind, skilled touch and adjustment can heal someone’s body and heart. As human beings, touch is one of our primary and basic needs, without it babies die. The power of touch can transform your posture, your practice and your life.

What are you most excited for, when starting your journey with the danish yoga community? 

I’m excited about sharing all that I have in my toolkit from yoga, martial arts, working with the body, mind and emotions over the last 13 years of my life with Denmark! I love Danish people, your soft yet strong nature, your openness, warmth and willingness to learn and hunger to become the best you can be. It’s completely aligned with my purpose of “Opening hearts and awakenings minds”. I’m excited to be starting this amazing partnership with YO Studios and all of you amazing people from the Danish yoga community.

Thank you Dylan for contributing!

We hope you´ll join Dylan and YO STUDIOS for these one of a kind trainings in Aarhus and Copenhagen!

“I attended Dylans Hands On Assisting workshop last autumn, and the fact that I straight away established a future collaboration with him and YO tells everything about how great I believe his work with yoga and movement is. He knows so much about so many areas of movement, both on a physical and mental level, which is very inspiring. I love that Dylan works with a balanced amount of experience, evidens and more traditional philosophy. On the workshop I was being reminded, that actual functionality is way more important than anything written in old books, and that just makes so much sense in so many ways to me. Last but now least Dylan creates a safe space and a very down to earth environment filled with lots of humor and laughs. Just go and experience for yourself!”

Malene Arvin. CEO and founder of YO STUDIOS